We provide the best for
satisfaction to all our customers.

SHIMBI was founded in 1964 and specialize in developed for hotels and restaurants products since then.
We always aim at providing the best support for the satisfaction of our customers by our field-oriented marketing strategies including individual solutions for the great diversity of demands, quality materials, multiple production ways, detailed analysis and consistent pursuit of the better prices.
We always try our best to develop top quality and unique products to our customers.


Menu represent
the face of a restaurant!
It is a face
with passion and life.

The booklet is the focus from customers right after the energetic “welcome !” greeting from your staff.
A menu also can bring customers favorable dishes with reasonable prices are like the top salesperson.
Enjoy a “great business growth” by the menu booklet best suits your own feature and ideas.
Let’s be a restaurant filled with energy.

Hotel items are
the heart of hotel,
the hotel heart
with consideration.

An unusual, non-routine, special time starts when guests step into your hotel through the entrance.
“Customers are hooked” if there were nicely detail designed products in the hobby and in the guest rooms.
Let’s transform into a heart-warming hotel.